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Workplace Wellness

Corporate Level Fitness Management

Our program offers a wide array of tools to assist employees in making better lifestyle choices that will positively impact both their individual lives and the performance of your organization. The benefits of a healthy workforce are tangible - fewer sick days, increased productivity, fewer errors, improved employee camaraderie, improved self esteem and increased motivation. Implementation of a workplace wellness program brings these valuables together in a complete package, where both employees and company are winners.



Workplace Wellness includes a variety of services:


Eating for your Health

Carbs: Friend or Foe

Meal Timing: What to Eat When

Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition

The "Skinny" on Fats

Creating a Healthy Home Environment

Common Nutrition Myths

What & Where to Buy & Eat Locally

Healthy Meal Ideas

Dear Food Diary...


Working Out 101

Creating Your Personal Workout

Getting in Your (Heart Rate) Zone

Strength vs. Cardio

High Intensity Workouts

Free Weight Workouts

Body Weight Workouts


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